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We at Campus Websites work are unanimous in bringing your campus goals to the next level of perfection and quality. The responsive websites that we design and develop are in line with the requirements of your campus, to provide form as well as function. We compile exceptional work, have plenty of fun, build the best website for your campus, experiment, treat the people right, pay attention to the minutest of details, give out positive vibes, give back and also keep learning.

WE open up a new vista of possibility that holds your audience and retains the client base for a long time period with updates, visitor reports as well as support and suggested improvements. We use the tools of creative content, rich UX, dynamic design and robust development to produce a brand.

We at Campus websites have a rich experience in building powerful web applications, we understand the campus processes and accordingly deliver custom web applications by which you can synchronize day to day activities of the college in a hassle-free manner. We are a world class solution provider of choice because we strive to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction within reasonable costs and time limits.

Let us manage your website so you can manage your campus

In the contemporary Internet Dominated Scenario, the online presence of your Campus is the first point of demarcation with your end users- the students and their parents. We at Campus websites have a rich experience in building powerful web applications, we understand the campus processes and accordingly deliver custom web applications by which you can synchronize day to day activities of the college in a hassle-free manner.

We thoroughly ensure that we use cutting edge technology, whether its content management, back-end integration or the fine-tuned utility applications. We ensure that the team not only delivers a wow factor but is also focusing on on usability, message delivery and a great user experience.

And when all this has been accomplished, we provide maintenance and hand-holding as well as support such that the web presence of your campus evolves and grows in future.

  • Expertise

    We build domain and sub-domain websites right from scratch providing the best Return On Investment(ROI).

  • Methodology

    We use a blend of outstanding UX experience, cutting edge technology, innovative solution design and multi - channel marketing solution to deliver the goods.

  • Personnel

    We have dedicated resources who create databases , create links, design layouts, design website navigation

  • End User Experience

    We reach the most exclusive campus audience such that they turn to us for news, inspiration, information and expertised campus solutions worldwide.

Top reasons to work with us

Campus Websites has an extensive experience in managing campus requirements in India and abroad. We have automated and streamlined the operations of a variety of college campuses. We know the needs of our clients inside out. We have years of knowledge and experience that we will bring to the desk. The heritage and re-assurance of being a professional makes a force to recon with. We are innovative and responsive. While we relentlessly focus on quality and processes, we at Campus Websites have set benchmarks internationally in terms of excellence in execution.

We translate into measurable benefits for our college clients. We surpass competition through our efficient and fast delivery of service, ongoing support capabilities in complex problem solving makes sure that our clients reach a critical success at a continuing rate.

By being proactive in evaluation and the adaption of client's requirements, we ensure a comprehensive website to college clients thereby complementing both technical objectives and business needs.

  • Fast delivery - We at Campus Websites use our experience to achieve operational visibility, reduction in costs and increased margins for your college websites. We devote time and resources to achieve your goal.
  • 360 degree expertise - We offer a comprehensive analysis to meet and automate your college processes, so as to increase the bottom line of your company at par excellence. We have superior technical know how and business acumen.
  • Quality - With an integrated approach to quality, we make sure that international benchmarks are met
  • Results are tangible - We consistently exceed client expectations by delivery on several numeric parameters like time-to-market, enhanced productivity or lower costs to clients. In short we transform the way that day-to-day business is done in a college campus.

"Each module of Campus medicine has been crafted keeping in mind the intricate needs of a medical campus. Such close mapping of our unique requirements has given a solution that has greatly optimized all our operations & infused the Campus with a new energy. Campus medicine has helped me move many steps forward towards my vision of a paperless campus. Going green besides meeting the larger objective has also saved us an enormous amount spent yearly on stationery & printing costs."

Mrs. Kalpaja D A - DIRECTOR Vydehi Institute of Medical Science, Bangalore

I got to know that my son who has been ill, is running short of the required attendance for his prostho classes. In order to take up his exams, he needs to catch up with the deficit in his attendance. On his recovery he'll continue to attend his classes and meet the attendance requirement for prostho. "Campus Medicine – Campus Management Solutions" is a fantastic online service through which a parent like me can have access to their ward's academic progress in the college, from any place with an internet access. As a responsible parent, I am able to attend to every academic issue of my son in time. I am really very grateful and thankful to the team of Campus Medicine and to the respected Director, Advisor, Principal and HOD of prostho to have provided such wonderful application to ease our parental burden.

Student's Parents - Mrs. Bella N. Patwala

It is well established that the competencies of medical professionals need to be constantly developed and enhanced, keeping in mind the future needs of our health care systems. Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre optimizes such a learning environment through these global learning forums to support our medical community in being abreast of the latest knowledge and techniques in an evolving medical environment. The same is need based and much as per guidelines of the Medical Council of India.

Dr. S. Kantha, Chairperson, Skill Matrix 2013

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Utility Applications

The various Utility Applications of Campus websites are

Campus Medicine

  • Campus Medicine is especially designed for managing medical campuses across the globe. Campus Medicine is a centralized automated web-based tracking system that enables an organization to efficiently manage and tracks all complex day to day work flow of medical institutions. It establishes a common and continuous platform between 4 stakeholders- management, faculty, parents, and students.
  • Campus Medicine deals with admission, attendance issues, academic calendar, information tracking, MIS, greetings, News and Events, exam scheduling, result announcement, student life cycle management.
  • In addition, using this Fee Management System the stake holders can generate Fee Collection Reports.

Attendance Online

Features of Attendance Online for the various stakeholders


  • Cost-effective one point solution for multiple campus management
  • Complete automation of all operations


  • Complete information about their child
  • Check student's records attendance, class test reports, time-table


  • Apply for leave
  • Air grievances on food, hostel, quality of faculty, etc


  • View current grades, attendance, time-tables and course content
  • Apply for leave

Engineering Campus Management

Engineering Campus Management (ECM) is especially designed for managing engineering campuses across the globe. ECM is a centralized automated web-based tracking system that enables an organization to efficiently manage and tracks all complex day to day workflow of Engineering institutions. It establishes a common and continuous platform between 4 stakeholders- management, faculty, parents, and students.

ECM eases out admission process, student, faculty attendance issues, academic calendar issues, issues of maintaining student,faculty,employee information and tracking, management information system, greeting management, issues of sending instant news & events messages, issues of exam scheduling and result announcement and maintenance of student life cycle.

Alumni Management Portal

The Alumni Management portal is an utility application of Campus websites. It is a website that aggregates an array of content and provides a variety of services such as search engines, directories, news, events, e-mails and chat rooms.

  • Alumni management- The Alumni Portal is linked to your institute website which is the only official way to stay connected to the alumni of your college no matter where they are.
  • User Registration and self-sign up option- The concept is to generate the whole alumni database at one go or letting the alumni to sign up by themselves or both.
  • Online Alumni Directory(with a very robust search functionality)- The portal makes a repository of the personal and the professional details of the alumni.
  • Social Networking- We at Campus websites encourage the Alumni of your college to collaborate and engage via exciting tools such as discussion forums, photo sharing etc.

Campus Recruitment Portal

Campus recruitment Redefined

  • We at Campus websites have an extensive campus recruitment portal whereby the students can get campus placements in global enterprises. Managing campus placements online is an innovative approach that facilitates direct communication between your students and companies.
  • An initiative of Campus websites this portal helps companies hire the right talent and at the same time provide enough opportunities for students to identify the right job to build their career. It helps to reduce logistical challenges, improve the quality of hire and at the same time reduce costs involved in the process.
  • Campus Recruitment portal is a technology platform that helps organizations hire the most suitable entry level talent by using customized assessments to benchmark fresher hiring. Campus recruitment portal strives to create a network of pre - assessed human capital that can benefit from transparent communication between companies and students.

Bulk E-mail Services

  • Effective E-mail marketing is used to maintain the relationship between current students, alumni, benefactors and parents. This module has been created to provide a solution to help promote conversation, response and engagement through E-Mail marketing services.
  • Admission support and E-Mail marketing support are the major highlights of this bulk E-Mail services.

The various features of this module are-

  • Your college can create a personalized E-mail campaign with our very easy-to-use message builder.
  • Online payments, dues processing, membership applications are processed online through personalized invoices.
  • Integrate your database with our application to seamlessly integrate communications of the management with students, parents, faculty and alumni.
  • You can discover each individual's interest, to identify group preferences and to customize messaging through performance.

Payment Gateway Integration

  • All the monetary transactions are processed online by our Payment Gateway which is integrated into our application. The college campuses can reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the staff by providing electronic payment capabilities to the students.
  • The use of Electronic payments and the compliance of the application to Payment card Industry (PCI) will be a major advancement of your college campus in leaving a digital footprint.

The various features of this module are-

  • All campus related payments are carried out through a PCI Complaint, secure platform.
  • We provide the much needed support for all sorts of purchase orders, e-checks, debit cards and credit cards.
  • Supports a rich set of API for the extensive creation of customized payment services and integrated with back end in real-time.

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